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Newgrounds darling, how the flan are ya?

It's that time again! Nope, not time for math.

It's time for reading! I know it's boring af, but it'll be worth it. Maybe.

The teaser trailer for my upcoming first "full production" game is out!

The game is titled BNNS.

A lot of work has gone into this train wreck. So much effort, so many feels, and about 600 gallons of coffee.

Sometimes I wake up screaming...with joy at the thoughts of all the people who will get to play my game.

So in the last news update I talked about how I wasn't going to make movies for awhile.

I am going to go ahead and say I lied, I already planned out 4 movies since my last news post.

The Cringeverse is ever expanding and will reach never before seen levels(over 12) of cringe.

I am going to take this opportunity to do some Q&A.

Q: Do you really smell fingers?
A: Yes. I believe everyone should experience the aroma of a good finger from time to time. I also intend to write a book on the art of finger smelling and how it can stimulate the global economy.

Q: You were almost a year late releasing Doc 2, and then said it only took 20 hours to make. What happened?
A: Time machine malfunction.

Q: What is all this?
A: Probably a quarter-life crisis.

Q: What happened to Confess?
A: The confessional chat room was a huge success, as far as all the "legitimate" confessions go. Like any chat room or anything online it was inevitably plagued by bots. Pointless bots that were advertising discord servers to each other, by that point no one was using Confess. lol

Q: What happened to your ARG?
A: It's happening right now, welcome to the game.

Q: What's your favorite color?
A: Green

Q: What are you thinking about?
A: Mustard gas

Q: If your hippopotamus was on fire and it was the fifth Tuesday of February, would you need to trim the jib to reach Cringemas Island?
A: This is common sense to infants, of course you trim the jib. The key to trimming the jib is thinking about Bidoofs. Yes, Bidoof the Pokémon. Sailors have thought about Bidoof for centuries while sailing the Big Crimson.

Q: What is BNNS about?
A: We don't talk about that, ever.

That's enough Q&A for one quarter, and boy oh boy am I glad it's the last quarter.

Purple Volleyball

I need voice actors for non-newgrounds movies. I don't care about mic quality or experience. PM me if interested or if you know an upcoming VA tag them in the comments. Unpaid with royalties, and optional IMDB credit.

I will admit right now that the IMDB credits are purely for shits and giggles and you will forever be associated with KingCringe. The end product(s) will be C at best, but intentionally. Imagine Kung Pow Enter the fist and a poorly dubbed anime from the 80's had a baby, and that baby was raised by a package of bologna. Then after cannibalizing it's adoptive guardian the baby flies off into the night. That's not the project, but it will be one day. Bologna Baby.

I am always looking for KingCringe fanart. I have 5 glorious pieces so far, look at my favorite Art to see them.

I need more. I'll take crayon drawings, finger paints, a picture of a sock puppet crudely dressed like me, sharpie drawings on bathroom stalls, sharpie drawings in your mom's bathroom, TPS Reports, scat art, food art, voodoo dolls, and napkin doodles. Fanart will guarantee you a future game and movie credits here on NG.

KingCringe has been made possible thanks to Cringeteers, like you.

Thank you.