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KingCringe's News

Posted by KingCringe - November 16th, 2020

Newgrounds darling, how the flan are ya?

It's that time again! Nope, not time for math.

It's time for reading! I know it's boring af, but it'll be worth it. Maybe.

The teaser trailer for my upcoming first "full production" game is out!

The game is titled BNNS.

A lot of work has gone into this train wreck. So much effort, so many feels, and about 600 gallons of coffee.

Sometimes I wake up screaming...with joy at the thoughts of all the people who will get to play my game.

So in the last news update I talked about how I wasn't going to make movies for awhile.

I am going to go ahead and say I lied, I already planned out 4 movies since my last news post.

The Cringeverse is ever expanding and will reach never before seen levels(over 12) of cringe.

I am going to take this opportunity to do some Q&A.

Q: Do you really smell fingers?
A: Yes. I believe everyone should experience the aroma of a good finger from time to time. I also intend to write a book on the art of finger smelling and how it can stimulate the global economy.

Q: You were almost a year late releasing Doc 2, and then said it only took 20 hours to make. What happened?
A: Time machine malfunction.

Q: What is all this?
A: Probably a quarter-life crisis.

Q: What happened to Confess?
A: The confessional chat room was a huge success, as far as all the "legitimate" confessions go. Like any chat room or anything online it was inevitably plagued by bots. Pointless bots that were advertising discord servers to each other, by that point no one was using Confess. lol

Q: What happened to your ARG?
A: It's happening right now, welcome to the game.

Q: What's your favorite color?
A: Green

Q: What are you thinking about?
A: Mustard gas

Q: If your hippopotamus was on fire and it was the fifth Tuesday of February, would you need to trim the jib to reach Cringemas Island?
A: This is common sense to infants, of course you trim the jib. The key to trimming the jib is thinking about Bidoofs. Yes, Bidoof the Pokémon. Sailors have thought about Bidoof for centuries while sailing the Big Crimson.

Q: What is BNNS about?
A: We don't talk about that, ever.

That's enough Q&A for one quarter, and boy oh boy am I glad it's the last quarter.

Purple Volleyball

I need voice actors for non-newgrounds movies. I don't care about mic quality or experience. PM me if interested or if you know an upcoming VA tag them in the comments. Unpaid with royalties, and optional IMDB credit.

I will admit right now that the IMDB credits are purely for shits and giggles and you will forever be associated with KingCringe. The end product(s) will be C at best, but intentionally. Imagine Kung Pow Enter the fist and a poorly dubbed anime from the 80's had a baby, and that baby was raised by a package of bologna. Then after cannibalizing it's adoptive guardian the baby flies off into the night. That's not the project, but it will be one day. Bologna Baby.

I am always looking for KingCringe fanart. I have 5 glorious pieces so far, look at my favorite Art to see them.

I need more. I'll take crayon drawings, finger paints, a picture of a sock puppet crudely dressed like me, sharpie drawings on bathroom stalls, sharpie drawings in your mom's bathroom, TPS Reports, scat art, food art, voodoo dolls, and napkin doodles. Fanart will guarantee you a future game and movie credits here on NG.

KingCringe has been made possible thanks to Cringeteers, like you.

Thank you.



Posted by KingCringe - August 19th, 2020

Hi there. 

In case you're concerned for my bowels, well so am I.

Anyways let's do some news about other things that are still about me.

Normally I post these news things when I release a game or movie, but I was lazy on the release of Doc 2...much like the making of Doc 2, and the entirety of the Doc series concept.


Doc 2 was in production for over a year, but in reality I spent about 20 hours total on the project not counting all the rendering.

Doc 2 was started last year with only the Cringe intros(including the stranger things parody). Then 2 days before I released it I was like "Oh yea Doc 2, I was s'pose to release that last fall".

My favorite part of making Doc 2 was the Cringe House Coffee commercial. 

I laughed so hard it made me fart when the Cringe Cinema version of Doc 2 got better ratings than just the movie alone. 

Alright that's enough about Doc 2. 

Next few projects are going to be games:

- A pseudo-rpg/adventure

- A shooter

- An educational game(might be TFM3, might not be)

I plan to release the first game mid next month(maybe sooner because I got sidetracked while writing this post and started on it). 

Either way when I release the first game I will start another giveaway.

Last time I gave away a free Minecraft server for 6 months. I don't know what the prize will be this time, might even give the winner a list of options.

I am looking for KingCringe Fan Art, I want to collect at least 10 pieces(currently have 4) for a gallery type project which would also give the respective artist a movie(and possibly game) credits. There is no such thing as bad art in my book, so anything and everything is welcome! Many of you know my favorite things are intentionally made terrible.

As always I love you all except Albert, he knows what he did.



Posted by KingCringe - August 6th, 2019

So between the Doc 2 trailer and my last news post I had a couple contests running.

I am late announcing this, and I apologize to the winners.

Congrats to @Aeon-n for winning my game server giveaway contest.

Aeon is a cool gamer with a great vision for a Minecraft server, and I can't wait to see what they do with it.

Congrats to @Magotrap for choosing the winning name "Boreale" for Doc's new companion.

Last but not least congrats to all the individuals that took me up on Gift 1 and Gift 2 also in my last news post.

If you chose Gift 2 and still haven't heard from me, do not worry I will get to you!

With all that out of the way here's a few updates from Cringeland

-Doc 2 is still set for this Fall as noted in the trailer, but more than likely it will be late Fall.

-The next edition of Muzika is coming, I need more tracks and do not have the time atm to dedicate to scouting.

If you are a musician or know an indie musician that would like your/their music featured in Muzika 2 and the mobile version of Muzika please contact me here on Newgrounds or Twitter.

-A new website is in the works that will be a big part of the Cringe ARG. If you want to partake in that insanity, I suggest following @BananaBone as he will be handing out the first set of keys. Big thanks to BananaBone for being a good sport and continuing the game.

-Finally a huge thanks to @DeezNutterButterz & @Rixetog for taking free art requests and creating some amazing illustrations of the KingCringe skull in their own awesome art styles.

These pieces were promoted through my Twitter, and will also be used in a later project.

If you're an artist that takes requests, I invite you to do an illustration as well. You will receive free promotion, and a credit in future project(s) that use the artwork which will also be promotion.

Thanks for reading folks. I love you all, except Albert...he knows what he did.



Posted by KingCringe - July 8th, 2019

Before we get to the free stuff, I want to make some announcements.

No this wasn't clickbait, I promise it's all worth it.

Muzika my music gadget here on NG hit 48K+ views, you guys are so awesome. Just the best audience.

The future of Muzika is bright. Mobile app on the way, and many mix editions for Newgrounds in the meantime.

I just released a trailer for Doc 2, you can view it HERE on Newgrounds.

There's a contest associated with that.

I went to make a song for the Audio Deathmatch, then started making a music video, and from there I made the trailer for Doc 2. Wasn't the plan, but that's what happened.

Congratulations @BananaBone for winning a contest that he was the only entrant for.

Reading really pays off.

Will that game end, or will BananaBone keep the game going? Only time will tell.

The other day I used the toilet, and by golly it was the greatest toilet time ever. There were fireworks and everything.

Alright Cringeteers, now for the free stuff. Woot Woot.

That's what you're here for, after all.

I have 3 individual gifts for the Grounds. 2 of these gifts are infinite in amount, the third must be won.

These gifts will be available until August 1st 2019, after which I may do this again.

Each user is eligible to receive all 3 gifts.

Gift 1:

Animated Intro

I will make an animated intro for your video channel. 100% Free

I say "video channel" because clearly there are a plethora of video sites that people use, besides YouTube.


1) Channel has to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Channel must be at least 3 months old, proof via oldest video
  • Channel must have at least 10 original videos
  • Channel must have at least 100 followers/subscribers

2) Limit one per Newground user and/or Channel.

3) You have no say in the design of the animation.

4) You will get your animation when you get it.

5) No Refunds

It's best if you have a logo, brand, OC, or some image that represents you.

How to get Gift 1:

Message me here on Newgrounds with "Gift 1" in the subject line

Include a link to your channel, and a link to your transparent logo/image if you have it.

Gift 2:


You will be inducted into a network of my own creation that promotes social media, websites, streams, among other things; no it won't require any work on your part besides what you already do.

You will also be given the opportunity for unique sponsorship, with my support along the way.

All 100% Free


1) Must be a creator(Musician, Artist, Game Dev, Writer, Youtuber, Twitcher, etc.), cannot be for a business or organization.

2) The majority of your content cannot be NSFW

3) Must produce original content

How to get Gift 2:

Message me here on Newgrounds with "Gift 2" in the subject line

Include links to all your profiles, sites, channels where you publish content. If all your links are on your NG profile just let me know. I will review them, and get back to you asap.

Gift 3:

Game Server(The Contest)

1 person will be given Administrative power over a game server for a game of their choice for 6 months 100% Free.

Website, donations system, vip perks, etc. Everything all inclusive.


1) You must have a PC(Duh)

2) Must be for a game that allows private servers(Minecraft, Rust, Terraria, etc.)

3) You must write a five hundred fifty-five and a half word essay on why you think you would be a good Admin and why you like the game you have chosen.

4) Must have a Youtube, Twitch, or similar with gameplay of you playing the chosen game.

The reason for conditions 3 & 4 is to give me a good idea of the individual I am handing a game server over to.

Winner will be selected on August 1st 2019.

How to enter for Gift 3:

Message me here on Newgrounds with "Gift 3" in the subject line

Include a link to your channel, your essay, and the game you choose in the message.

Gift 4:

The Secret Gift

KingCringe's love.

How to get Gift 4:

You already have it, don't lose it.


Q: Why are there conditions for gifts 1 & 2?

A: Because I foresee these gifts being abused if I just give them away to everybody.

Q: Do I need to be your fan to be eligible for these gifts?

A: No, but it would be SO cool if you were my fan here on Newgrounds and/or the Twitter thing.
We could be best fans.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Because I'm a nice guy with ulterior motives that are for the greater good.

Q: People normally charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for this stuff. Are you high or something?

A: Why are you asking all these questions, are you a cop?

Q: Do you really love me?

A: Yes, just as friends tho.

Q: Can I get the game server without writing an essay?

A: lol, no.

Q: Five Hundred fifty-five and a half words, are you daft?

A: Yes, good luck!

Q: What if I don't read this, and don't get your gifts or enter your contest?

A: Then I guess it might default to that one champion that took the time to read the long ass body of text that I took the time to type. Maybe I need to make a game called Time for Reading. Nah.

Q: Induction? What is this, the Illuminati?

A: I'm done answering questions.

*The conditions for the Gifts can and may change.



Posted by KingCringe - June 2nd, 2019

The 1st edition of Muzika got some awesome feedback.

I love it.

Huge thanks to the following artists for their awesome tracks:

@GENREN @ThisIsTheFatRat @MrNannings @HeyJellyBear @TeminiteOfficial @TheSMMusic @BoomKitty @Fleetwire @venussoda @theapple111 @XanderDreas @JordanKyser @farfenwaffle @Zooloo75 @SytherGD @FuzionTech @TheArcadium

A special thanks to @iamlegion for the idea of turning Muzika into an app,

I think I am going to pursue that on android with a fully loaded playlist, while still releasing "mixtape" editions here on NG.

Have a week everyone, have a week.

Here's some hair:




Posted by KingCringe - May 12th, 2019

My website for myself is complete.

A little of something for everyone.


Might be buggy for some, might be glitchy for others, and might be just oh so right for the rest.

I have been neglectful of NG. I returned to dozens of notifications and messages after a month absence.

Wow. Thank you guys, the support really means a lot.

Lite Cycl did pretty well here on NG. Might update that at some point.

Game wise here on NG, I think my next release will be a shooter.

I don't know, I need to go check and see what I have on the backburners. Yea, a nice shooter stew.

If you haven't checked out my commission post, you must bear witness to the CringMall.

NOTE: If you contact me through my website about items in the CringeMall you will not get those same prices, prices in the CringeMall are exclusive to Newgrounds fans only when they message me on newgrounds.com.

Mmm links & legal jargon.

If none of this news applied to you, enjoy this image instead.


Tell me in the comments what you think it's making.



Posted by KingCringe - February 19th, 2019

Cringe Boy Color

Made daily 4th.

Was taken down by "site moderators"

You can still use it HERE

I am not mad, I actually understand. Plus it brought more to the Cringe Side.

Newgrounds being a place where fan made content(of copyrighted material) is the heavy majority, an Emulator would be in bad taste due to it's "encouragement of piracy".

I don't condone piracy, even tho pirates are cool.

I am sorry Newgrounds.

I had emulators for SNES, GBA, and SEGA Genisis that I had also intended to publish to NG, but will hold back for obvious reasons. Derpy derp derp.

I will continue to upload to NG, but in a different direction of which I was headed(Emulators, lots and lots of emulators)

I had said in a previous news post that I would be publishing more RPG games, but there's only one RPG game:

A continuation of what ScrewIT Ex was suppose to become, but under a different title(because that title was a joke).

Also expect more experiments that push the limits of NG in the meantime. but will not involve any sort of Piracy nor encourage it, even tho pirates are cool.

Also expect collaborations, because I do that.

A lot of Visual Novels are in works(potentially).

Message me if you want to collaborate. I will make games based on your stories, characters, and/or ideas. Yeah.

I love you all,


P.S. Check out my Commissions



Posted by KingCringe - February 12th, 2019

Welcome to the Cringe Mall

Enjoy your stay, you will never want to leave.

I am a developer, quasi animator, music enthusiast, finger smeller, quasi voice actor, affiliate marketer & operator, good looking bastard, SEO specialist, NGO Volunteer, so congratulations you just hit the jackpot.

I am going to answer some questions before the price list because I have gotten quite a few of these in the mail:

Q: Can I resell your services
A: Yes. I am also capable of <24hour turnarounds.

Q: Is there a limit to how many and how often I order?
A: No, I welcome the pain.

Q: I don't want someone who smells fingers, can you just stop?
A: Nope.

Q: Will you come to my house, office, or shrine/dungeon/kill room I made for you and do the work?
A: Maybe, we'll have to talk about travel.

Q: Are you serious? Sometimes it's hard to take you serious.
A: Yes.

Now for the greatest prices in the universe:

All prices are one time fee unless otherwise noted.

"/" means per

Website(1-5 Pages) - $50

Having a website is super important and super helpful. It can be a central hub for everything that is you and that is totally yours to control. It will make you easier to be found by search engines and listing sites.
Hosting is provided free free for life as long as you let me put a powered/built by stamp at the bottom.
You will be responsible for purchasing a domain, there are even free ones out there. I will not host sub-domains unless they're from a domain you own. If you need help getting a domain I will help you.
I do everything pure code in html/css/js but can use a cms like wordpress or one I've built if you wish to maintain yourself.

Convert Wix/Weebly/(any free builder site) to a Pro Website - $25

They're crap, rip-offs, and tacky. I will slice my base price in half just to save you from these terrible platforms.

Website Add-ons

Store - $2.50/Item

Sell merch with your brand or artwork on it, if you need supplier of merch too ask me.

Blog - $1.50/Post

Blog can auto post to all your social medias at once to keep them all active.

Custom Donation System(Paypal/Stripe/Etc) - $5

Look professional without using third party donation systems and their harsh fees.

Member System/Forums - $5/1000 users/Month

Give your fans a place to congregate

Monthly Pro SEO - $50/Month

With the PRO SEO package the link to your site will be spread accross multiple sites daily, this also includes links to all your socials and publishing platforms.

Logo - $25

Everyone needs a brand or a mark, I will give you 3 mock-ups to choose from.

Pro YouTube/Video Intro - $15

Your logo or brand in a sleek intro to making the start of your videos pop, I will give you 3 mock-ups to choose from.

Movie/Game Trailer - $20

Some of you are here because of my trailer lol. I will require highlights from the work.

Movie/Game Trailer Add-Ons

I make the highlights - $20

I will require access to the work

Voice Over - $5/100 words

I'll be your voice

Game Server Hosting - $5 Setup Fee + $0.50/Plugin + $1/slot/month*

*Price subject to change

Games I support: Minecraft, Rust, and Terraria. You will have direct support from me.

Game Server Add-Ons

In game support - $30/month

I will come into the game and setup/maintain plugins and resolve plugin and sever based issues. Security for $1 a day, that's not bad huh?

Link your site to your server for VIP donations - $25

The hot revenue stream of game servers. Sell VIP perks, encourage your users to donate, relax. Perfect if I am also building your site :)

Miscellaneous Services

Transcription of video/audio - $4/10 minutes

Forum Signature - $3

Link Blast - $1.50/Link or $75/100 Links

Instant Website/Business in a box - $150 + $10/Month

Turnkey solution. Ask about the instant website only if you're the entrepreneur type.

Game Development/Design - Contact Me

Message me here on Newgrounds and we can go from there.

Will answer all questions, and do consultation free prior to asking for payment.

This list does not represent everything I am capable so feel free to just ask me what I can do for you.

All services have a strict no refund and I charge no tax.




Posted by KingCringe - February 4th, 2019

So after a long meaningful discussion with @GenRen, I reflected a lot on what I have done here on NG.


I owe all of you an appology, especially my fans.

I am capable of greater quality work, yet I chose to use NG as an outlet for immaturities and half assed games. I did it for the lulz. Yet in the end it wasn't really funny.

Time for Math 2 is still Under Judgement at the time of writing this, I am going to leave all works prior up. While they were crap they are still experiments and proof of concepts. TFM2 being the butt of a joke, and a sloppy recoating of TFM1.


So, what to really expect from me?

More the direction of RPG games, maybe more animations. Will be doing a lot of collaborative work, and encourage anyone(artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers) of all skill types to hit me up, especially if you enjoyed the "Cringe Ride". Yea I know none of it was cringey.


I can offer anyone I work with a website. 100% Free, hosting included. You would be responsible for domain. 

Shouldn't have to explain the benefits of having a personal site, and we all know how boring it is to make them.



Here's to Time For Math 5.








Posted by KingCringe - February 2nd, 2019

Hello everyone.

Welcome to a news.


I cringed a cringey cringe, and this time it requires no work from you. It's a moving picture show!

For a good time click here


Many have asked me "KingCringe, when the heck you gonna make us a sequel to your universe famous game Time for Math?". To these wonderful question askers I say "soon".

In the meantime enjoy the instant classic Cringe #1 Doc und rats.